Exclusive Patreon Rewards!

Exclusive Patreon Rewards!


My dearest supporters.

So, I just launched a new thing. This was basically as a token of gratitude to the people who decide to support me with actual money.

As of now - all Patrons will get exclusive access to the best license on the site.
This license doesn’t require anything from you. You can use the music in whatever, whenever, forever!!

My Patrons now get all music first through a direct download link on Patreon, and a license, no matter pledge amount. I honestly believe this is one of the most awesome deals on the internet.

You could basically pledge $1 a month, and use the music in a Hollywood movie.
I believe in a system where even those with a thin wallet have benefits. And the beauty about this model is that you can decide what you’re willing to pay for this yourself.

If I was a independent filmmaker with very little cash, I would be really annoyed if it was hard acquiring music to my films, no that’s what I’m trying to fix.

Honestly, I’m just trying to make a living, whilst making the world a better place for some people. Imagine if everyone did that.

Any thought on this system? I’d love to hear it. Comment down below!