How to get inspired and creative (when you're not).

How to get inspired and creative (when you're not).

All artists and entrepreneurs around the world...

..have at some point felt uninspired. This is a phenomenon naturally integrated in every person who lives of their creativity.

Let me begin by saying that I'm not inspired all the time, so this is not a revolutionary guide to end the lack of inspiration world-wide. 

I feel uninspired a lot, so depending on how "deep the wound" is, I have figured out ways to make it better for me, and then again, I'm a relatively average guy, so if it works for me, it'll definately work for someone else.

Since I was a kid, I've had something I would consider both a curse, and a blessing.
If I didn't enjoy something, I would simply stop doing it. Immediately. No questions asked.
I wouldn't dwell long, and just go for it. Probably because my life motto has always been "Life is too short to.....".

This is the reason I quit high school. It just didn't feel fun, neither useful anymore (my parents were really fond of this decision *sarcasm*). 

(bla, bla, bla - carry on)

So, the first time this happened with music (which was the career I'd always wanted), I was shocked. And I quit. I simply didn't understand what this weird, soul-destroying feeling was.

Somehow it got back to me. This happened a few times, but then I realized; I was stuck with music and vice versa.

When I finally made music my full time job, I had no choice. Feeling uninspired now was like a freakin' curse, and I had to work past it.

Have you ever tried Googling "what to do when uninspired/uncreative". It's like walking into a glass door. It seems to be very simple, but it doesn't necessarily help you.

Let's go through the ways I feel like helped me.

Go for a walk in nature

This is the absolutely most cliché and bullshitty one. Not really that effective.
It might work when you're just slightly uninspired. I believe that this is more effective if your lack of inspiration comes from a reason, like a personal matter or whatever. Then you get to clear your head, and get back to work (that was a bit nazi officer-ish. Not intented).

Allow yourself to make bad content

Also a quite cliché one, but it's a bit more effective. If you allow yourself to be creative without considering quality, you might get past the dip. Although, don't make it a habbit. You don't want every 10th project you're on to be shit.

Reference: although a lot of people actually enjoyed this song, it was made with a garbag-y approach and I had no intention on making anything good. It's just a bright synth, a bass synth and some drums, aka very simple. I guess I got lucky.


Find someone in the same business as you..

...and copy them. This one has worked very well for me at times. You don't have to duplicate their work completely, but at least use their form and structure.
If it's lawsuitably (not a word) similar, you don't have to publish it. But it will take you on the path to creativity once again.

Go see others perform / get input

Probably my favorite way. Especially as a musician, concerts have been rediculously effective.
It's about getting a good experience with it again. It's like they say about insomnia; if you can't sleep, don't force it by lying awake in your bed. Then you'll get a bad experience with it and it's cursed for way longer than necessary.
When you're standing in a concert hall, and everyone's happy and enjoying the music, you get this good experience with it again.  

Take a break 

You know, no one has ever died from taking it easy (source: me. Don't read into it).
Sometimes you just need some time to do nothing. And it's fairly important, but unfortunately not that common. People are taking on way too much these days, and personally I think it's dangerous. Taking time off is more important than ever, in these stressful times. Turn off the TV, get of Facebook and just be you for a while, unaffected by others. 
This might sound very philosophical, but it's true, for all creative people. Give your brain some space to store your creativity.

Realize that it's normal, and you're not alone

Feeling uninspired is like being hungover. You feel like it's never going to end, but it will. If you are genuinely interested in your line of work, you will get reunited at some point.
Even though this is not very effective, it is an important mindset. The sooner you realize this, the better. You will kinda stop "stressing" about it, and you can be calm and reflected in the search of getting back to normal. 

Moral of the story? Stop stressing. This basically counts for everything. Be calm, and reflected to solve your problems faster. People are way less efficient when stressed (source: me), and we have to get better at handling it.

You can't be at your best the whole time. Feeling mega-inspired should be something you are from time to time , and at least for me, those times are a huge part of the reason I stay in this business. Being uninspired sometimes just makes me even more thankful for being the opposite.

Have any good tips n tricks on this matter? Let us all know in the comments below!

All the best!




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Feedback and Improvements