Can I use your music for free?
Yes you can. As long as you are able to give credit. It should look like this in your video description (replace "[song name]" with actual song(s) name):
Music: [song name] by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Can I monetize my videos when using your music?
Of course!

If I purchase your music on BandCamp, do I still have to give credit?
Yep! Creative Commons Attribution license still apply.

I don't want to OR can't credit you, what do I do?
You purchase the music from this site for a small amount. The song and a license will be sent to your email.

I like your style, but I need something a bit difference for my project...
Well, luckily I do custom contracts, which means you can hire me to make exactly what you're looking for

Will you be happy if I support you on Patreon?
I most certainly will.

You are on a lot of different platforms. What are the differences between all of them? Let me explain!

Website: Here you can download music for free against credit/attribution, OR you can purchase a license directly, use the music for whatever and don't give any credit to me.
SoundCloud: Here you can easily listen to the music, and click a link directly to get to this site.
BandCamp: Here you can purchase the music in high quality .wav-files. This still requires you to give credit. You can easily buy a lot of bundles there, though, instead of downloading songs individually.
Patreon: Here you get some real advantage. You will instantly get updated when I make a new track, and you will get a link where you can download it immediately. No matter how much you choose to donate monthly!
Spotify: Save my music to playlists, and stream it instantly! This is also really supportive.