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Royalty Free - Creative Commons Attribution License

Commercial use allowed!

If using music for online content, (i.e. YouTube-videos, animation, short films, commercials etc) they can be downloaded for free as long as proper credit/attribution is possible.

If proper attribution/credit is not possible, use the Standard License. 

What is proper attribution?

By proper attribution means a field in your content description where you can paste the following information (i.e. description of your YouTube-video):

Music: [Name of the song] by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Basically, all you have to do is to paste in this line in your project description
Be sure to catch the hyperlink to this website, so that people can access it easily. Always credit the composer properly! This especially goes for royalty free music sites with much traffic. All content online with my music in it should contain proper links to this website unless it’s paid for.

All files in the free section are MP3’s. Visit BandCamp for WAV’s

Standard License

This license allows you to use music where proper credit is not possible or wanted.
By paying the $15 you get the license and a piece that you can use for anything without giving credit.
Commercial use is allowed
(of course).

You can mix, edit, cut and trim the piece without restraints.

This license is the best option if you’re just looking for one song that you want to use. The only thing you are not allowed to do is to re-distribute the music as your own, claiming you made it.

Patreon License

This is the most awesome license, both for me and for you!
Every pledge through Patreon will allow you to use all my existing and future music.

No attribution required.

You also get a download to the high quality version through Patreon. These will be delivered through Dropbox.
When they are removed from Dropbox (due to storage capacity), you can manually request the .wav-files from me through email or Patreon, and I will send them to you manually.

Phone System Business License

This license is aimed at companies that use on-hold music while their clients wait.
The files have the technical specifications to fit phone systems.

8bit, 8kHz, mono, U-LAW encoded, less than 30 second loopable audio files.

There are two licenses in this category. National and international license. If your office is in one country you can use the national license. If you have offices in multiple countries, you choose the international one.

UK goes as national. So if you have one office in Scotland, and another in Wales, you can still use the national license.

America is split into North, South and Canada.

Other than geographical terms, there are no restrictions to how you use these audio files.

Bundle Licenses

This is a license where I customize a deal manually for your needs.
The terms are the same as the standard license, but you order music in bulk.

Refund Policy / Format Information

Refunds are not possible through this website. You can listen to the exact quality of the track before purchasing, and format information can be found here

Still uncertain about the different licenses?
Why don't you just contact me and I will help you out!