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License #1 - "Offline" and non-attribution, paid license:

If music is used where proper credit is not possible or wanted, you can purchase the music and a license from the product page!

By "Offline" means placements in physical arenas, e.g. theatres, stand-up shows, retail stores, restaurants, diners, public events or construction sites!

Rule of thumb: all places where clickable links to this website is not possible!

When paying the fee you are allowed to use the piece(s) as many times as you want. 
A license will be sent by e-mail, as well as a download link for the music.

Remember, the paid license also counts for online content where proper credit/attribution is not possible!

License #2 - Creative Commons Attribution, free license:

If using music for online content, (i.e. YouTube-videos, animation, short films, commercials etc) they can be downloaded for free as long as proper credit/attribution is possible.

Commercial use is allowed, so yes - you can monetize your videos!

If proper attribution/credit is not possible, use "License #1". 

What is proper attribution?

By proper attribution means a field in your content where you can paste the following information, easily accessible for your viewers/visitors (i.e. description of your YouTube-video):

Music: [Name of the song] by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Basically, all you have to do is to paste in this line in your project description
Be sure to catch the hyperlink to this website, so that people can access it easily. Always credit the composer properly!

High quality purchases through BandCamp are still licensed under Creative Commons.

If you don't want to or can't give credit, purchase music through the webshop part of this page

Still uncertain whether your specific projects undergoes License #1 or #2
Why don't you just contact me and I will help you out!