Get all music instantly

Times are changing. I want to try out something revolutionary, and by doing this - being able to give back to my supporters what they deserve.

From now on, everyone supporting me on Patreon will get the music delivered through my Patreon page. Here you will get the high quality uncompressed .wav version of the song and a standard license.
This usually has the value of $15 per piece. Now you will get all pieces as they are released - instantly.

Once you’ve given your pledge, you will get a download code for my complete discography.
Just to put this in perspective: That is 230 pieces - times $15.
That is $3450 worth of music licenses. And counting!

You choose the pledge amount out from your own wallet and conscience. That’s what’s making this model amazing.

What is the “standard license”?
This is the license that does not require anything from you (except your money).
No credit, no royalties. You could basically support me with $1 a month, and use the music in a Hollywood movie without paying me anything else.

You can also trim, edit, cut and remix the audio as you wish.

I really want to grow my Patreon. A lot of people want to show me their support, and I want to give something back. With Patreon I get some sort of financial stability, and that is what makes this platform so incredible.

It’s an economical system for the people!
People can support the creators they like, and creators get to keep doing what they love. Everybody wins!

If you want to support and give me credit, that is of course appreciated! But not required.

Special thanks to:

Adventures of Erylia, Chris, Cult of Knowledge, Damian Roehl, Daniel Berke,, Ken Powell, Kevin MacLeod, Kiki’n Toupee, Mirthal, Monique, Natasha Nakarada, Obatalia Yemoshunya, Pumpk’n the ECO-GIRL, Rafael 47, Scott Howie, Skookum, Tony, Ulf Tveten Violette Miksic, Wacholtz, r0ml Oskar Gryting Vokac for the support! You guys are truly awesome!