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Music: Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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A pure melodic metal album. Hard riffs, punchy drums, and symphonic elements.


The Purple Pirate's Magic Pirate Ship

Collection of 11 exotic pirate-pieces. Epic symphonic compositions with beautiful melodies and heavy rythms.

(only available through purchase from Bandcamp)

Bits & Pieces.jpg

Bits & Pieces

How many different genres can you get in one album? This is a collection with everything from epic orchestral music, to rock, electronic and celtic.

Bits & Pieces, vol. 2.jpg

Bits & Pieces, vol. 2

Another pile of genres? Here's the second part of the album "Bits & Pieces".



8 melodic pieces designed to enhance the emotions of your content. Fits great to gaming videos, as well as nature and timelapses.

Beyond Earth

Space-themed album with 8 atmospheric and melodic pieces.



This is a true cinematic album, with everything from and between the trailer and the grand finale.

journeynew-01 (Custom).jpg

Journey to the Middle Ages

5 simple pieces originally made for a medieval-themed play.

Lost Tales SC.jpg

Lost Tales

A collection of the first pieces I ever made. Mostly orchestral, and a few acoustical pieces.