Here you can find all my official releases, and links to where they are available!


13. Fjörður

A celtic inspired album with lots of beautiful melodies, and folk-inspired percussions


12. Devil's Hymn

My personal favorite. A 8-piece album containing some really epic metal. Lots of orchestra, cool riffs and melodies.

Jökull Artwork.jpg

11. Jökull

A 3-piece single containing one song in three different genres. Really cool!


10. Orchestral Favorites

The is simply a collection of the orchestral pieces I was most happy about. Hopefully you are too!

Origin 1600x1600.jpg

9. Origin

My first melodic metal album. 8 rough pieces with a cinematic and melodic touch.

8. Purple Pirate's Magic Pirate Ship

[Original Score] to a Canadian show! 11 epic pirate-styled pieces.

Bits & Pieces, vol. 2.jpg

7. Bits & Pieces, vol. 2

Another big collection of pieces in different genres.

Bits & Pieces.jpg

6. Bits & Pieces, vol. 1

A collection of 15 pieces in different genres.


5. Beyond Earth

8 space themed modern classical pieces. Relaxing and melodic.


4. Life

7 songs in a modern cinematic style.

journeynew-01 (Custom).jpg

3. Journey to the Middle Ages

A five-piece collection containing medieval/celtic inspired songs.


2. Cinematic

A collection of epic orchestral pieces. All cinematic

Lost Tales SC.jpg

1. Lost Tales

The first pieces I ever released. Various genres