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When using these soundtracks in your project, paste the following line in your description:
Music: [song name] by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Complete Discography

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Ambient and Atmospheric Music - Royalty Free Music

Music that doesn’t steal too much attention. Ambient pieces perfect as background music. All from meditation music to space videos and games.

Jingles - Royalty Free Music

Here you can find perfect intros/outros for your show, as well as musical stings specially written for scene transitions.
Short pieces only.

Red Mystery - The Story of our Red Neighbor, Mars

Epic/cinematic/hybrid/relaxing/sci-fi album will take you on the journey. An album that should be enjoyed in it entirety, as the story unfolds.

Funny and Comedy Music - Royalty Free Music

Funny pieces perfect for comedy, funny or silly content. You can put these on top of anything.

Metal and Rock Music - Royalty Free Music

A collection of high quality metal and rock pieces. Variations from grand epic melodic metal pieces to chill rock and technically advanced progressive.

Project_Artboard 8 - Orchestral (Custom)_Artboard 9 - Orchestral (Custom).jpg

Huge collection of epic pieces in all thinkable emotions. Happy, sad, aggressive, relaxing and tense.
And lots of melody!

Electronic Music - Royalty Free Music

All sorts of electronic music. Still very melodic and catchy. Variations from darker minimal techno to happy uplifting EDM.

Christmas Music - Royalty Free Music

Perfect music for your Christmas content. Both well known Christmas music from the public domain, combined with self written.

Celtic and Fantasy Music - Royalty Free Music

Big collection of epic pieces in the celtic, fantasy, medieval and viking genre.
Goosebump alert!

Piano Music - Royalty Free Music

I use piano in almost everything, but in this collection you find the songs that were written with the keys as the primary instrument.

Acoustic Music - Royalty Free Music

Acoustical country/ballad/bluegrass tracks with classical guitars and beautiful melodies.
Easy, relaxing and uplifting.