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Music: [song name] by Alexander Nakarada (
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Pieces I acknowledge as silly. Some might call them masterpieces (but probably not).


A collection of all my orchestral pieces.
Joyful, dramatic and epic. Huge arrangements and painful mixing.


Probably not the most cheerful pieces, but they definitely works well together with sharp steel, leather and fur.


A small collection, which will get bigger!
Ambient SFX and some underlying emotions.

X_Artboard 9.jpg

Alexander outside his comfort-zone.
A collection of all my "technological" pieces. Basically everything based on drum machines and synths.

X_Artboard 7.jpg

Horns up! Here are all the pieces with distorted guitars and a punchy snare!
Some of these are really, really heavy, but still quite melodic

X_Artboard 8.jpg

I use piano in almost everything, but in this collection you find the songs that were written with the keys as the primary instrument.

X_Artboard 6.jpg

A small collection, still. But one day it will get bigger. The title speaks for itself.

JinglesCollection_Artboard 12.jpg

Here you got your intros and your outros! Short pieces designed to kick in or out your whatever!


Almost everyone enjoys Christmas.
Here are some pieces to accompany your christmasy content.


Acoustical country/ballad/bluegrass tracks with classical guitars and beautiful melodies.

Beats_Artboard 14.jpg

A collection for rappers, and content creators! Beats with a touch of epicness.